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Exciting Tussle Ends All Square as Rodders is put into custody
Street Gang 1-1 Team X
After recent critisism the gang had something to prove and they improved immensly from last week. The heart and spirit was injected back into the team, thanks mainly to return of Marshalex. The game got of to a rampant start, Sean O'Kleberson finding space a few times but unfortunatly couldnt do anything. The gangers pushed forward and were rewarded when a fumble from X-Men Keeper Short allowed Marshalex to hammer home 1-0. Defensive duties were then restored to the X Camp as that was the best the gang could manage. The first half was end to end and ended on a sour note for O'Kleberson when he actually forgot who he was playing for, and perfectly teed up Kirkbride for a shot that went wide. Fortunatly for Sean, who was replaced at half time by Sardiniho, the other change saw Corkilius replacing De La Rodders who showed disappointment at being subsituted by appering to spit and attack a member of the crowd. This incident was quickly sorted out by King Chuffs gang of armed guards and De La Rodders is now on bail over the incident, his trial will take place next week on the charges of GBH. Anyway back to the game, Team X had also made a sub, Swede Sewelssen replacinjg the tired, unfit and apparently overweight Holliday, who was also complaining of stomach cramps. The second half started brightly, Marshalex playing a stormer, and Hunterlaar in goal was having a belter, definatly staking his claim for the Holland #1 jersey. Unfortuanatly the X-Men levelled up when a mix up involving Dave and Sardiniho led to a goal for Kirkbride (i think). The mix up occurred after a pre match agreement made by dave and sardiniho to never speak english to each other again so with sardiniho rapping out spanish and dave knocking out norweigan, they couldnt understand each other and a goal went past, Silly really. The gang picked there heads up and went for it, and wasted a great chance, Sardiniho claimed the ball in his own half and strode away, this caused a 3 on 1, Dave to his left and Corkilius to his right, however Sardiniho had other ideas and decided to pass to Kirkbride, leading the press to believe Kirkbride has threatened the gang with nail bomb attacks and other vicious malice. Anyway Hunterlaar saved everything that was put before him before that and the game ended with two teams apparently pleased with the result. Post match refreshments were taken and the teams then departed the arena, The X-Men gone to rescue Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm, whilst the gang settled for a night in, frapping away to there favourite videos, Cheers Kiddies, nightynight, x.
Attendance 59
What a load of shit, Street Gang disgraced by The Merrions
Street Gang 1-3 Avid Merrions Fanjita.....
An old foe came back to haunt the gangers today, Didier Kilgour, the former cass player slotted 2 goals past the frustrated and disgaceful Gangers. The first goal was scored after a humilating effort of a clearence by Hunterlaar who later apologised for his strange antics, after the clearence the ball dropped to MoShep who had an easy tap in. 1-0. Then the moment of the match, brilliance from Kilgour who tonked the ball in the top corner to make it 2-0. Cries of despair from the Gangers, who were now disgusted with each other. So the gangers actually found time for Rodders to score to make it 2-1. Half Time drew and a tactical change was made O'Neill in the nets and Dave out. This however didnt seem to work a bit as Kilgour again had the calmness to make it 3-1 after another howler amongst the Gang defence. This goal prompted the gangers to go gung ho, and all out attack and in fact leave no-one in defence. This in fact only benefitted the opposition as there counter attacks dented any chance of a revival. MoShep played a major role in the win along with Bobby Latham and Adam Frenk. Kilgour was the Man of the match for the merrions. The gangers are going to give there man of the match to one of there suicidal feeling fans, who watched the bollox that was the street gang. This could have been down to a number of reasons. No Marshalex and Corkilius, No Passion, Kilgours Revenge or the fact that we were bastad twat poor. So its a week off and the disgraced team will reflect on the week when we were physically tonked by a side who deserved the win, Cheers x x x x x x
M.O.M, Anyone apart from, Sardiniho, De La Rodders, Slack, O'Neill or Hunterlaar.
Attendance 12
Professional Performance From Street Gang Nets Maximum Points
Street Gang of Washim Ali's 2-1 Captain Bish's Israelites
A solid defensive performance along with sparks of individual brilliance and a mistake from the Circus Fiends gave the Street Gang the win. In the first half the Street Gang keeper de la Rodders didn't have a real save to make as Marshalex ruled the defensive third with the crunching thin legged tackles he is known for, leading some to believe he hates jews, but the Street Gang in no way endorse this. Marshalex also made the first goal, going on a mazy run from defense to the touch line before whipping a cross in for Fabien O'Neill to convert. In fact Marshalex crossed the ball for another player but O'Neill found himself in a good position after he had finished shouting dirty abuse at the crowd as they taunted his oversized feet. We really hoped Fabian had overcome his anger problem after his winter trip to Matthew Kelly's Low Stress Emporium. Lets hope it is just a blip. Anyway it worked out well as he scored.
The second half was much of the same, just with Hunterlaar swapping with de la Rodders in the nets. Sardinho came on for Marshalex with Dave Slack filling in on the Russian's defensive role. de la Rodders showed some nice touches and nutmegged the elephant poking Scottish Jew McAllister leaving him clean through on goal. Only Rodders' poor finishing caused him to blast the chance straight at the keeper.
With time a space Dirty Dave Slack belted the ball to the roof to gift the Israelites a penalty kick. Which was converted to make it 1-1. We think that at the moment of impact Dave may have been thinking about his upcoming mind games comp in Gibralter. The Street Gang needed a goal and it was gifted half way though the second half by one of the Circus Gang, passing it to de la Rodders who didn't make the same mistake twice slotting it home past Cptn Bish. The poor mistake leads me to believe that this member is probably not very high up in the circus and probably cleans up or maybe makes souvenirs out of spare tiger shit. Marshalex returned to the fold in the last few minutes for Dave Slack, who despite the penalty mistake bossed the defense leaving the Israelites with no further opportunities.
Some time in the second half an inch perfect ball by the Roman demi god Corkillius for Sardiniho only lead to the Brazilian ballooning it from close range. It never mattered in the end as we won. So haha and stuff.
Attendance 32
M.O.M Andreski Marshalex
Street Gang Comfortably Overcome Passionless Tangos
Street Gang of Washim Ali's 3-1 Passion Tango
The start of the MC Hammer Cup brought together a fierce local derby. The street gang taking on a much improved passion tangos, now coached by experienced Dave Angel. The game started after various pre match entertainment such as Gareth Short Juggling, Captain Bish's Famous Lion Taming Hebrews and the Magnificent Flyin Brian. The horn sounded the start of the game, and quickly you could tell that the tangos meant business, they actually managed to find two consecutive successful passes (amazing). There hope however was dashed on 4 minutes when the 25-1 outsider for first goalscorer Corkillius smashed it home from 6 yards, past the poor retired referee and King of Sixth Form Chuffs. The Tangos heads went down, then the captain himself Sardiniho slotted home after a brilliant run from inside his own half-this was actually applauded by former Cass hate campaign leader MoShep, Unbelievable. Half Time drew and the start of the changes, Flectini making his debut and this freshness told in the second half as the street gang were forced to plod on with just the bare 5 players after the absence of Hunterlaar (groin) and O'Neill (Laziness, Insomnia, Bone Idleness, Stupidity and Raging Piles). The fitness of the street gang, weakened in the second half but class shown when sardiniho flicked on a Rodders pass and Marshalex slammed home 3-0-pure comfort, this however did not phase the tangos who scored a goal-YES A GOAL, Flectini slamming it home past Rodders whom has previously shown his worth by making a save that can only be described as a 'stretch armstrong special'. So the end drew near, Street gang still pushing forward should have won this game by 6 or 7 but for the poor finishing of Sardiniho, Slack, Corkillius and others. The Tangos can look back in hope that sometime that first win will come.
Attendance 24
M.O.M Andrel Corkillius


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