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The Sixth Form Football Association (SFFA or 6FFA) was founded in 1902 by Superfly McJohnson and his cousin Clinton Baptiste. Both were successful businessmen specialising in decorative sushi when the came up with the idea of bringing the previously old mans game of football, to the kids.
1923- After years of friendlies the first official tournement took place in summer 1923. People from all over 6th form took part in the "Clinker Pickers Ltd Cup for the People" it was a great success with The Mighty Bumfluffs taking the crown.

Mascot for the winning team, German Cow

1939- With the unfortunate rise of Hitler some of our Great British lads had to fight for king and country in WW2 to rid the world of tyranny, clipped facial hair and bad leather clothes. So the 6FFA took a few years rest. Players from the association however played a game on xmas day with a few kind Germans. The game was played in good spirits with the Germans (teamname: Schnell! Schnell! Geschicter!) beating 6FFA select 2-1.

Mascot for winning team: German Cow

A few things happened after this, but most of it was shit because of rules stating the goals should be no bigger than a dustbin. Most games ended 0-0. This rule was overuled in 1972 by three stalwarts of the game, David Camp, Gilbert Gay and Jimmy Hill.

Gilbert Gay- David Camp- Jimmy Hill, the Three Amigos

1983- Probably the best ever player to grace the Sports Hall turf (solid concrete) Jimi Rastafari made his impact in the '83 tourney. He amazed crowds with his special moves such as the nipple waggle, tsu tsu shuffle and the jammin' jangle. Another claim to fame the great had was that he was the proud owner of the 3rd best bone structure in Jamaica. Jeh man!

Rasterfari- Superstar

Now the 6th Form FA is growing more than ever. They have just moved to their new headquarters, which are situated in Chorley. They have to govern todays talents of the future, players on teams such as Passion Tango and the great Street Gang. The 6FFA look forward to a glittering next few years and hope that the sex scandal involving one of their more senior members will not be leaked any time soon.

Headquaters of the 6FFA